At least 20 percent of children ages 7-12 in Cayman’s government public schools – one in every five students –have been “red flagged” by their school as struggling with learning challenges, foundational deficits such as dyslexia, and ADD, or other disabilities.

The majority of these children come from impoverished homes.

ARK implemented the MER program this school year at George Town Primary. It is a close collaboration between charity, the public and private sectors. Cayman Learning Center is our partner in their equal attempt to pay it forward, by helping change the future for a group of struggling but highly capable children.

The program would not exist without the generosity of several private sector and individual donors - and we are hoping to raise funds for several more students at the school to join the program. 

We strongly believe that MER will significantly improve the lives of countless students, from their self image, confidence, mental health, friendships and sense of purpose and a future. Read about Lianni, one of our first MER students. 

Education opens a world of opportunities, and with intensive learning remediation at a key stage in these children’s development, we can significantly change their life prospects for the better.

Ultimately our goal is to reduce the cycle of poverty that so many children find themselves trapped in as they mature into adulthood.


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