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Welcome to Cayman's ARK

Choose Kindness

Cayman's Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) endeavors to be a friend to people in unique circumstances of crisis; to demonstrate kindness through loving acts of service. 

ARK is a friend to strangers and approaches humanity with great love and compassion - without judgment.

​Cayman's ARK is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2006 and run by volunteers.  


ARK's programs help the underprivileged and those affected by illness, economic hardship and personal misfortune

Interested Student

CASA Projects

Giving hope & improving lives

Our goal is to bring all homes that we find in substandard condition back to a safe, healthy and acceptable living condition. We personally meet many families when we complete our “Home Visits" and we identify the best ways to assist them. 

Most of the homes we visit are in immediate need of home improvements, ranging from small remodeling projects to drastic renovation. In some cases, the homes are not fit to be lived in. ARK finds sponsors and community groups to help us transform these homes, removing mold and other health hazards - and to improve the lives of the families living there.

Mentor - Educate - Reinforce

Helping struggling students to succeed

Cayman's ARK started this program in the 2018-19 school year. Four students have been sponsored generously by private sector and individual donors.

We have many more children waiting to join this program, which aims to tackle the root cause of poverty among Cayman's underprivileged families. 

Volunteer Opportunities

How can you help?

Want to join us? You too can change lives. We work with the underserved in Grand Cayman. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities from fundraising to painting, decorating, organising construction work and materials donations to mentoring children and working with young people.